Giving Pleasure
by Daniel S. Irwin

I took it as a complement when
She snuggled close and told me,
In her own outspoken way,
That I licked carpet better
Than any of her girl friends
And was more fun than
A double-dick dildo.

My ex-wife said the
Same thing, or similar to it,
About my ability with my tongue
In the land of the sacred beaver.

Always a luscious treat,
Tongue darting, playful nibbles
While nestled between two warm
Lovely thighs as I reach to
Fondle erect nipples on warm
Lovely breasts then
Hands on ass raising the hips
As in silent worshipful praise.

In giving pleasure, I am pleasured
And all else in seeking rapture
Becomes all the more profound
And sweet.


The heat of
The summer night
Is heightened by
The heat of our passion
With bodies entwined in
Unrelenting sexual embrace.
Me in you, engulfed by you.
Sweet salty sweat mingles
And I revel in covering myself
With yours and embrace
To feel your rising breaths
And the quickened pulse beat
Of your passionate heart
While my thrusts glide
Ever so smoothly in
Your flowing juices.
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About Daniel S. Irwin:
Daniel S. Irwin, artist/writer (both a matter of opinion) working in a
maximum security prison with the criminally insane (the supervisors).  
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