Glass Mirror
by Justthoughts

She turns me on
Her skin is almond
Smooth as milk
Her eyes are pretty brown
They scream out intensity
Her lips are soft and full
Breasts round Yet perky
They sit up in obedience
A perfect vagina
Plump and juicy
Her ass just right
It bounces in perfection
She's sexy
She's passionate
She's mysterious
She's me


I lay on my back
My nipples rise
She licks my spot
After she kisses my thighs
He stands over my face
His manhood grows
She's licking my space
My face glows
His head is in my mouth
His hands massage my breast
He serves me all of his juice
Until its nothing left
She's tasting all my love
My view is her behind
I slide two fingers in her
She licks me as she grinds
I lift up fulfilled
Then I bend her over
He's watching all of our moves
Until I pull him closer
He's in me from the back
His love feels so right
Her pussy's in my mouth
He yells "your pussy's right"
She moans he moans I wine
We share each others love
The satin sheets are wet
I just can't get enough
She sits on his head
His back is to the floor
My pussy's in his face
We give each other more
Her rhythm gives me chills
His tongue makes me scream
Her body makes me hot
His penis is a dream
We rub each others nipples
She looks into my eyes
He sucks me to perfection
I scream out sinful cries
Now our love is done
they've eased away my blues
Her love is good his love is too
there no way that I can choose

It's a Woman's Thing

Two Beautiful beings
We like the way it feels
Just our gentle hands
no forceful thrusts
soft skin
soft touch
soft lips
Her tongue is long and slippery
Mine is light and fast
We take turns licking
Then sucking
Both screaming
Who needs men
Justthoughts (Echo) began writing at an early age. She matured and began experimenting in her
teens and realized that what she was experiencing was nothing more than art. So, she began writing
about it. Outside of writing she loves dancing telling jokes, and shopping
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