by A.F.Cronin©

When did you change to become
This unknown beauty that holds me in her
Eyes closed, hair spilled on the pillow,
Neck long and taut and elegant,
So certain, so sure, so skilled
With those kneading fingers
And moist, licking tongue
And this serene, exquisite
Face of a Goddess?
I am in her spell now,
In the thrall of her Goddess power.
She does to me what she wants
And needs, and what she wants
She has me do to her.
I watch her as she works to
Suck the nectar from me.
It is the act you were born to do
Right now, Goddess,
To fill yourself with the one thing
That makes the miracle of creation,
And reveals the Goddess within you--
Eyes of desire, body without shame or inhibition,
And heart filled with perfectly raging lust
And a red, pulsing beat pounding slow, hard
and relentless.
The sweet-smiled woman who ate dinner with
And worried how my day went,
And laughed as she spoke of hers
Is not here right now.
Where has she gone, Goddess?

What is she thinking?

What is she thinking as
She lays back on the pure white sheets
In the amber afternoon light
On this solstice?
That tomorrow the day grows longer?
If I were there to watch her
As she breathed, alone and naked,
Still possessed of youth’s easy lean,
And impossibly perfect skin,
If I were there to watch her
As she slowly moved her fingers
At the secret spot
Would I wonder more at
The subtle thrust of her hips
Or the soft close of her eyelids and
Miniscule shudder of her lips?
Would I wonder if I too
Could touch that spot,
Transcendent and transfixing,
And dream, as she,
Of streams of light running
Rampant and wild,
Turning slowly into dust?
©2006 by A.F.Cronin
All rights reserved.
A.F.Cronin is a playwright and fiction writer. He has had two of his  
plays produced off-off-broadway. At the moment he has poetry at  
farmhousemagazine.com and a short story at thirstforfire.com.
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