G-SPOT'S Testimony
by Cathy Delaleu©

You managed to find the chronology of time
With the lather of your moist tongue
You stopped minutes
Paused the seconds swimming in her eyes
She floated sex on the beach
You said she looked like she's been driving a racecar at 90 mph
And couldn't seem to find the breaks
I reminded you that she was only the passenger of your erotic
You chose to be the narrator by circling a bird's feather on her
You snapped open her corset and saw how her skin became
zealous for you
Butterflies played kung fu in her belly, squealing oh God
Did those butterflies really envy how you made her sweat?
Hot liquid filtered straight out of her pores
You licked vapor trails from her bellybutton
She fidgeted suggestively into a dance
Your mouth was like a heartbeat pounding displays of kindness
in her clitoris
Fandango came to mind
The alphabet was her thesis
Her G-spot shot a three-alarm fire with spasms
Yet you didn't stop switching the channels of your tongue
Taste of oysters made you hungrier
You ate hard and deliberately slow
Her lower lips became a tearjerker of rainforest
And the felineness of her moan shot out her trachea
Like the tantrum of French music spilling from the Eiffel Tower

The answer to your question was heard loud and clear
Her G-spot you won over without words
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Cathy Delaleu is a Haitian-American writer and artist who attempts to develop a
sensual language with her poems. Her work has appeared on Vintage Magazine and
CleanSheets. Performance venues include Stain Bar and Bar13 in New York City .
Her book,
Wrapping Thoughts Beneath Emotive Rain is a richly descriptive collection
of poems exploring a wide range of subjects. Cathy's poetry will be featured in an
upcoming issue of Essence Magazine.

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