by Rapture

I love givin head,
What more could be said?
I can tell ya what bitch cause I’m a thoroughbred.
Magnificent is the word
When my man is feelin the ecstasy of me...
Breakin my jaw bone back,
And I do it freely,
At the drop of a dime,
In a limited amount of time,
Seven minute rule,
Is what's goin down,
Makin my man’s eyes roll all around.
Take it daddy is what I say,
Ram it to the back of my throat,
All the way.
Did you forget I have no tonsils,
Nothin but room back there
So baby don’t despair,
I’ll give it to you good,
Bobbin in and out,
Up and down
Lick the taint
And the balls all around.
There should be a holiday named after me.
Cause the things I do my man wish everybody
could see,
I bob,
And groan,
Damn I’m so slick,
Givin head,
I call it exercise for my face,
Sometimes I can be nasty
Or do it with grace.
Never nick the man,
Cause that is just some shit I can’t stand,
Givin him a view of the money shot
Yes baby I love it on my face when it is hot.
Swallow him down whole,
As a grown woman should,
Drainin all the pipe,
Like only I could,
So what more can be said,
About the fact,
I love givin head?
Nothin bitch!
I just told you,
I am already a thoroughbred…
About Rapture:
Rapture is a former insurance agent based in America's rust belt. A mother of one, and an
extremely free spirit. Since the beginning she has been inclined to write about the things that
she loves and hates. Life as a writer was put on hold when she became a teen mom. Since
then she has raised her daughter to become a successful young woman. In 2008 Rapture
decided to take her future into her own hands and walked away from her career as an
insurance agent to focus on writing full time.

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