Help Wanted:A+ Excellent Lover Who Will Teach A Willing Student
by C.A.Trower

I have had a lot of experience
But, I have not really learned much
I only seem to receive the same type of touch
The same old tired positions, woman on top, doggie and standard missionary crutch
I want a man who will turn on a song
And dance naked with me all night long
A man who will cover me with food and devour my body
While I sip him up, like he’s some hot toddy
Someone who will paint on me stars and moons
With a ticklish touch that will make my heart swoon
Someone who will massage me with sweet warming oils
And release every tension like a spring releasing its coils
Someone who isn’t afraid to try toys
Who doesn’t feel all shy or afraid, like some type’s of boys
Someone who isn’t afraid to scream aloud
Who will make me less repressed, less worried of a crowd
Someone who tells me what he wants encouraging me to talk naughty
Calling me a Whore
That he adores!
Someone who will try new moves
And other wild grooves
How about trying the Ape, tiger step, the late spring donkey
The pine tree, the dragon turn, the 50-100+ positions
You could try it standing or sitting
On a swing
Bent over, or from behind
I would like sex anywhere, any way, anytime
I do not mean to be banal
I’ll try anything but anal!
But please do not make it plain, boring or ordinary
I want to learn to be the best lover I can be
If I do not try out all positions, how will I know what I like best?
I could be missing out on a lot of fun!
There are positions to make small guys feel BIG
And ones to make big guys not feel so PAINFULLY huge
Beyond positions there is also sexual role play
I want a lover to dress up like a vampire
A vampire who seeks to suck my blood, leaving me hickies everywhere
Or to be a pirate
And by his sheer strength and badness claim my body as his ‘booty”
That he will ravish as he pleases
But I can play the game too
And I would love to be a myriad of women like in “Alias”
I’ll wear red hair one day, black geisha girl or belly dancer the next
Oh, what fun to wear the clothes of old
With corsets, and push up bras with my cleavage “full” and on display
Halloween may only come but once a year, but in the bedroom it can CUM
Oh, so much more often than that!
But, it would not have to only be “people” play
I could be a cat like in “Cat Woman” and lick you from head to toe
And purr in your ears
Maybe we will play “Phantom of the Opera”
You could be the Phantom with the mask
And you could seduce and compel me to sing for you
I’d also love a man like in “Fatal Attraction”
Who will make out with me in an elevator and at a sink
A man who will slam my body here and there
Because he simply can not wait to have me
And makes love in theatrical passion
With an adrenalin rush that must be released
And an excitement that can not be tamed
With a physical power that demands my attention
I will never deny that “he’s the man”
And he will make me say his name
And will make me unafraid of who will hear me moan
He will teach me to be a freak
He will take me from ordinary
To extraordinary!
Because I am the student
And I will learn, because I want to be the best that I can be
Then I will teach other men what I know, and they won’t be tempted to cheat on me
Because they know they won’t find a better lover than me!
About C.A.Trower:
C.A Trower's name is Christine; she first started to write poetry when in college years ago,
back in 1987 and she have been writing ever since. Christine writes about many things, and
she has more erotic poems besides this one. She's been published in two books so far, and
is working on her own book (or books) of poems. She has a “legion” as she have written
many poems. Christine's work has been published in “The Colors of Life” by the
International Library of Poetry 2003, and also the “Mid Rivers Review” A literary journal by
SCCCC in 2005. Christine thinks poems are like anything and are a creative outlet, like
exercise and are a good form of release. This poem may seem dirty, but in reality she feels
this sums up almost anyone’s philosophy on sex, as we all want to be good enough to have
others be faithful to us sexually, and we want it fun enough that it is not boring and mundane.

We have all had lovers and situations where the sex was good for the other person, but not
you, so why even bother! You would be surprised what your mind might come up with if you
could think of the ultimate sexual partner and doing the “ultimate, most fun sexual, things”.
What is your fantasy, what would you want someone to teach you about sex, what do you
need to learn?
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