Her Kisses (Taste Good)
by Z.M. Wise

An indescribable taste of beautiful flesh
enters my taste buds as
her sweet lips become one with mine.
Her kisses taste so good.
I just want more.
Her passionate mouthful of kisses
drives me wild.

I pull her closer to me.
“Give me more, my love!”
We lock lips again.
How I crave this taste,
this unfulfilled desire
that I could never get enough of.

Her kisses taste so good.
My love with her sweet lips…
“Take me there again, baby!
Just one last kiss!”
The soft, moist lips of my love,
powerful and honey sweet.
Z.M. Wise is a poet and poetry activist who has been writing since his first steps as a
child. He has been a written word poet for over almost two decades and a spoken
word poet for four years years. He is an Assistant Editor of Harbinger Asylum, a
Houston-based, but internationally known poetry magazine. He is also the co-owner
and co-editor for Transcendent Zero Press, an independent publishing press
specifically for poetry that was founded by Dustin Pickering.In addition to that, he
hosts his own weekly poetry reading at San Jacinto College. His first book of poetry,
'Take Me Back, Kingswood Clock,' is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Nook,
and Kindle.

The motto that keeps him going consists of two simple, but powerful words: POETRY
LIVES! Mr. Wise will make sure to spread that message and the love of poetry,
making sure it remains vibrant for the rest of his days and beyond. If you would like
to know more about Mr. Wise, visit http://about.me/ZMWisethePoet for a biography
and links to his Youtube channel and Facebook fan page where his published
poems are posted."

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