Hers First
by Rolando Rosario

Her vagina felt mellow
Her breast where intense
Her touch embarked new scares
She began with a kiss

Her eyes inflict envy
Her tremble insist fear
Her words filled with endearment
She slide out her underwear

Her legs offered invitation
Her mouth ingulfed my dick
Her ass propped into position
She lined me up to it

Her teeth biting her lip
Her mouth moaning howls
Her tongue licking my sack
She screamed out holy vowels

As I entered the heat
As my erect got more wet
As we indulged in our sex
I pulled out for a bit

She lay down on the bed
She lay both feet far from each
She ran her fingers through my hair
As my tongue slayed the beast

Each moan hit the sky
Each moan rang my ears
Each lick and each stroke
She moaned or she teared

I proceeded to hump
I proceeded to cum
She held her face near my dick
And I let off on her tongue.
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©2006 by Rolando Rosario
All rights reserved