by Shawna L. Cohen©

I have a hunger

Deep inside of me

Of unknown vibes and sexual energy

An attraction that is so intense

My perceptive body is seduced by suspense

Who or what was tampering with my mental defense

Should I surrender to my feminine instincts

And let this passion break free…

Heart rhythms of lustful erotic potency?

My body fought and my paranoia grew

For the next few days

I was behaving like a silly fool

Still unable to decide what I should do

I talk with the Goddess and I search for a clue

The key was found deep inside

Within my heart I had denied

Had I not asked Her for a love that was true?

I open my soul and there stood YOU…
Shawna L. Cohen was born and raised in South Carolina and graduated from
Gardner Webb University in North Carolina. She is now a disabled Registered
Nurse who spends her pastime reading and writing poetry {sometimes using
the pen names ~unique, or the “Emotional Poetess”}. Shawna’s poetry has
been featured in several publications such as the book “Our Truth” by Dr.
UpLift, “Chaotic Dreams: After Dark an online publication and was a poetry
weekly contest winner featured by “Let’s Talk Honesty”, Meet George Cook in
May 2005.

Shawna lives in South Carolina with her husband, Wesley, 4 children, and 8
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