by Kate Green

shaken blood oranges
with a fiery tip
swaying back
‘tween cuspy waters
play it cool
like you do
paid to chatter
social swagger
you’re interested, baby
catching sight of you
but poorly executed
sugar syrup sweet
chocolate lemon zest
I know it’s not
to get the slide
you must have been
thinking of me
if I was suspected
maybe if I got you home
I’d confess
little dick tease
with a tight squeeze
admit it
my flame is stronger
get me shifty
so I can bounce
all alone
girl or no
friend or not
pansy love
you’ve got me
I know you’re sign
can play the part
what it’s worth
all I’ve got
does she make you
quiver and thicken
when she grabs you hard
pulls you close
does she take you down
and make you gag
in utter delight?
would she fuck you here
on this bar top
take you home
and do it again?
what if I took hold
shoved you back
held you still
and jammed my hands
into your jeans
I’d whisper round
‘til you were
two fingers deep
and going down
I bet you’d forget
all about some tart
I know all you need
is a taste of your own kind
that delicate breed
for acquired tastes
I am your rarity

The Dresser

Wasted and numb
seeping in
my juices
sticky and tangy
Wallowing my void
pleasuring my forgotten
empty and aching
Cover my head
leave the bottom bare
twitching quietly
solitary seizures
I can still feel
the stain you left
on my skin
covering me
Leaving so soon?
like it never happened
because it didn’t, right?
the reality of dreams
is that you
were never here
No, that must have been
About Kate Green:
Kate is a female poet from Philadelphia. Please visit her
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