I Dream of Frost
by TK Turner

Melt me down with your gaze

and frost trickles down my thighs

the pounding in my breasts

tempts my temperature to rise.

Sliding frosted fingers

into my hungry mouth,

our bodies grind together

in my mental theater house,

where fingers play catch-up

with greedy, roaming eyes,

where storms of breathless kisses,

go racing in my mind.

An erotic movie,

with sticky-sweet perfume

is driving me so crazy

I don't know what I should do!

It must've been a film

I dreamt the night before

as I gasp myself awake

to the trumpet of your snore.

And as I lay in bed

deeply wounded by my loss,

you snuggle up to me

and I dream again of frost.
About TK Turner:
TK Turner is a psychology student who works as an advocate for victims of
domestic violence and sexual abuse. She writes (and blogs) to raise
awareness for mental illness at littleepisodes.org. She has been published
in the eighth edition of the Monsters Next Door and in the fifth edition of
Silverblade magazine. She hopes to write part-time after graduating. Email
her at:
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