If Only
by DaddiPanther©

If only I could start at your roots of your hair
And make it to the tips of your toes
Without you pushing me away to stop
Now that would be a feat in itself
But for this exercise in dreamery
Let’s just say you didn’t
And allowed me to pleasure you the way you deserved to be
A princess, whore, slut, queen,
Or whatever choice words makes you feel better
About allowing this experience to continue

Now tell me when was the last time
Someone made love to your entire body?
Began at the nape of your neck
Breathing ever so slightly
Causing chills to run up and down your spine
Hold onto my headboard
There is a reason it has rails
I won’t even tie you down
You are a good girl
I know you won’t try to escape this design in serving you
But just in case you get scared
Rope is handy as I came prepared to please
And not even you can stop this madness in my mind
It’s your fault
You started it
Don’t try to stop it now

Trails of fire down your neck as you watch
Eyes drawn to mine moving downward
As my mouth suckles each tit like a newborn baby
Hard but with pressure enough to make them burst
Got any milk for Daddi?
I’ll find out for myself…shhhh….(hand placed over your mouth)
My neighbors are home…not time to moan that loud just yet

Now pay close attention to me
Because you only get an instruction once
Stay focused on what I am doing to you
Don’t try to be shy or coy
We’ve played that game long enough
You came here today for a reason
Make no mistake you won’t leave disappointed
But we things my way
Or you can get your shit and leave now
Oh, I don’t see you moving
So now that our contract is sealed
I will continue

Keep your eyes on me
As I slowly lick this red wine off your stomach
Is it cold or is just cooling you down?
The heat that is radiating from your pussy
Is enough to make the detectors go off
But I’m not there yet
Be patient
I would like to take a sneak peek though
So be a good girl and open up for Daddi
(Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale)

I can feel your legs trembling
As I spread your lips apart and just blow
Now tell me who has treated your pussy with such care?
Oh yes, torture can be fun
Feeling the moaning against my hand
I think I want to hear you now
So I’ll release my grip (for now)
Hands still in the correct position
I thought so
They move
I stop
You leave!

Let’s see how these thighs taste with whipped cream
Hmmm, looks like my face is covered in juices already huh
And I haven’t even gotten back there yet
You can moan as loud as you want now
I don’t care who hears you, no one is going to stop me
As I move down to the tips of your toes
Watch me suck them like you suck my dick
One after the other, up then down, then to the next
Now what’s going on in that mind of yours, you mental whore
I think I know, but not today
Today is just for you
So stop thinking of your lips wrapped around me
Before I have to slap the taste out of your mouth

Down the back on your legs
Did you know the spot behind the knee is an erogenous zone?
Well you know now, continue moaning
I’m enjoying listening to you
Let me suck here for a little while
I’m not going to neglect the other leg
Don’t worry all of you will be tasted today
Eyes still on me as I come down the other leg
I see you’re losing focus
It’s ok, very soon you won’t need it

Open your pussy lips
I want to savor the taste of them
Legs shivering
Tongue dipping in and out of you
Like a kayak
Licking up every drop
Your legs
Moved from shivering to shaking
I stop
Who told you could cum now?

Get on your knees
You knell so well my pet
My hands guiding you
Pushing my dick in you
Inch by slow inch
Watching you
Makes me want to do things
Illegal in about 8 states

Get your ass back on the bed
Lay flat on your stomach
Do you hear me in your ear
As I push slowly in your ass
As I grab your hair again
I said relax
Your body collapses on the bed
Breathing subsides

The alarm clock starts buzzing
Playing that wake up CD
If Only!!!
About DaddiPanther:

DaddiPanther is an African-American Dom Sadist lesbian.  She is a lifestyler which
means she lives the BDSM lifestyle, it's not just a sexual kink. DaddiPanther invites you
to delve into her writings and slowly into her mind.  Enjoy!

Daddi Panther
Always Present
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