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"I am all that i am,peace..." --- Wizthom

by Wizthom

i found her,love has found me,
i found her,love has found me,
so long this road i wonder,
hoping praying,having faith ,
that it will lead me home,

back to love and away from Rome.
i was a soldier when fates said.
wizthom lets go,
put on your armor,
pick up your pen,
for that is your swore,

without shelter fate sent me out into
a world so damn cold,
wars, pestilence,strife and greed,
did not know what to do with this,
these people wanted no parts of love

so many battles i fought ,
time and time i lost,
but i always got back up.
for another go round,
never losing Faith in love,

i found her,,love has found me,
how many life times
we been lost looking for signs,

now that we are together,
it would be easier to catch a falling star,
than to try to tear us apart,
yesss it would be better for them,
to steal the treasures from a dream,
than to try and evade our realm,.

in paradise the tree of life ,
has returned,the lions are laying,
down with the lames again,
angels singing Victoria,
all hail the queen,

as the tree of knowledge weathers,
away into nothing then dust,
as a warm cool gentle winds blows,
the temptation away,
all the reasons man fall from grace away,

as i turn with tears in my eyes to my mate,
and say praise be we made it,
look GOD smiles and jokes,
once again we can hear his voice,

all things are as they were,
and love shell resign forever more,
thanks to wizthom and maria ,
they never lost faith,
Thu all heart breaks sat backs,
ridicule,and oppression,

they staid true to the one convictions,
and love must survive at all cost,
to them i give all ,that is good,
sunsets rainbows dreams ,
peacocks spreading it' wings,

flowers roses even a winter wonderland,
a full moon harvest glow,and glistering of snow,

for beauty is what they deserve,
for what they went Thu and did for love,
bless your soul,bless your soul,
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