I’ll Do Mine
by Kate Green

you make me
want to wear jeans
just so I can feel
you unzip slowly
brushing your hands
over my throbbing
‘cause your lips
get my high
drunk lovin’
with a sweeping view
of the western sky
but it’s not up
closer to squirming down
so I’ll try my hand
at snake charming
to rile you up
ready to strike
give me the bliss
of your milky kiss
the shredded lanterns
dangling in trees
shimmer romance
over my risotto dreams
early morning waking
bruised but not forgotten
black tea drippin’
as I float home hazy
to break out the blue
in a pagan celebration
for the lion’s return
from a spiritual apprenticeship
a triangle of jealousy
formed as
the bagged was passed
third Thursday and hurting
fingering the grooves
in the heart key tip
for the last dusting
to numb my tongue
as if I didn’t
feel worse enough
I’m probably not worthy
so don’t spend  another second
worrying why I never called
I flake on myself
so it’s only fair
that you’d feel
neglected too
this could be
my karmic lesson
for a life of lusting
hasty shallow attractions
to miss the kid
with unicorn eyes
while I missed the feel
of rock between my thighs
but I think I’m better off
with a wishy-washy stroke
that may hold the potential
of being everything I want
this one may
be worth my effort
but I’m sorry still
to lead you on like that
I had the best intentions
but follow-through I lack
any attempt at apology
will only come off fake
so curse me in England
while dancing on the stage
we’d both be disappointed
as soon as we turned away
leave the air to fire
backing away from solid ground
master something worth fostering
and I’ll concentrate
on manipulating the snake
to fucking bite already
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About Kate Green:
Kate Green is a female poet residing in South Philadelphia
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