...in passing
by Marielena

i don't know how to explain it bruised at the hips
the sensation of a stranger being my first
i was not raped though my hair was pulled
and i gaged and whispered stop
but only wanting you to continue on more
to feel you push into me  slide out of me
to taste your
sweetsalt in my throat
it was so sudden an entrance so strange
i did not find myself fit for catching
but you proved me wrong and in your arms i slept
and sniffled longing to be embraced even tighter
but just to breathe in each other's ear
you were awkward and shy having a random moment
of courage and approval   temptation
there by my side all i could do was watch you sleep
us all doughy-eyed and kissy-faced
i have never been so accepting of life
of strange and new things
and i have yet to feel so comfortable in my own skin
until last night
how could you be so wrong so willing to please
so pleasing when i have yet to
feel so desired
and gentle in a man's arms
i do not know how to explain it
kissing goodbyes in the morning
but in having been my first
there is no way i could erase you
or forget the feeling of your body pushed
and pressed on top of mine
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About Marielena:

Having over thirty journals to date, for over a decade Marielena has been recording the
days of her life and those around her as further reference for a future book/memoir.
She has come from a committed relationship with a circus worker, to the single high life
of New York City. A hopeless romantic at heart, she continully keeps an eye out for "the
one", and hopes that he'll either return to her, or show up fresh faced and new. Either
way, as a poet, she's making her life interesting and living out each day as if it were her

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