In the Moonlight
by R. Leigh

In the moonlight

I lay here naked

Anticipating your touch

Your breath on the back

Of my neck

My skin awakens by the

Thought of your presence

As the bed moves under me

By the weight of

Your body

In this moment it is

Just the two of us

Lovers in every past life

Soulmates connecting in

This brief encounter

Maybe this way is better

Every minute full of desire

Because there will be

Very few chances for a

Fire that will not die

The intensity of your eyes

Keeps me lying here drawn

To you begging the universe

For this night to never end

But my prayers are distracted

By the sound of your voice

The soft, deep hum mixed with

Relaxed breaths transforming

Vowels and consonants into

Phonetic aphrodesiacs

I thought about writing

My name in your chest

With my fingers

Running my tongue over

Your tribal markings

While I watched your

Lips move.

Please keep talking

And Please let’s

Do this again are

Attached to the end

Of my prayers


This flower of affection

Planted as a seed in an

Early 20’s car ride from

School to Newark

One hundred miles

Of stories, laughter and

Smiles watered in the

Summers by the occasional

Dutch visitations only

Now to flourish when

Mature nerves have the

Courage to surface

Leading to glorious

Glistening, post-sex sweat


The firmness of your embrace

Around my waist and

The warmth of our bodies

Makes me drowsy

But I fight sleep

Struggle to keep my

Eyes open tattooing

On my mind every detail

Of the moment I spent

In the moonlight

Divinely honored to be

Lying naked next to

About R. Leigh
R. Leigh a professional spoken word artist and freelance creative
writer for five years hails from Newark, NJ. She has been performing
for the past two years at venues in NJ and at the Bowery Poetry Club
in NYC.  Her monthly column Kama Sutra is featured at and she writes a monthly blog on love and sex at  When not writing about love and sex
she is exercising her other creative writing skills proofreading and
copywriting for Bell One Media.
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