by Creative_Mind

"Wearing a sensual red nightie, standing by the window, looking into the star filled night;
Your body is so restless, you started to visualize as you closed your eyes tight.
Your mind now focused, you take a trip into a fantasy world;
The visions that you see, makes your once straight hair, tighten like you had curls.
Feeling ever so vulnerable, you feel my presence, as though I was in the same room;
Knowing if you say those magical words, I would appear very, very soon.
As you eagerly uttered those words, "free my lust", I appeared without you taking another
The thoughts you remembered, would make the average person reach their death.
Seeing his reflection against your window, he's standing there like a tower;
Knowing he could have his way with you, made your juices rush like a shower.
His hands so large, he could consume your entire head;
So much chocolate to enjoy, you may bet over fed.
As his long fingers locked into your hair, you felt a tug;
You let out a low "no", but he didn't listen, and you were now on the rug.
On your all fours, you looked up into his face;
He gave you a smurk, and your heart rate began to race.
You knew what he wanted, so you didn't hesitate;
You were under his control, inside his boxers, you could feel it pulsate.
As you slid them down to the floor, it rose up like a snake;
So much thick chocolate, you thought that is more than enough to take.
Gently stroking it with your soft little hands, you felt the power within;
Your saliva started to increase, as your full lips took it in.
As hard as you tried, you just couldn't devour it all;
Even though your mouth was just right, it made it seem small.
As he started to pull on your hair, he thrust front and back;
With a very loud grunt, inside of your mouth, you emptied his sacks.
As he finally released your hair, you felt so dominated;
When you again opened your eyes, all the thoughts resonated".
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Art by Sensual Sensation