I Put U In Different Positions, Until I Make U Listen!
by Adonis©

why is it that when i want to spend time with you, your always out with your friends?
why is it when i say i'm going out of town on business, your so quick to say " this is the end."
i know that other men in your life have done you wrong, but it wasn't me.
i love you, i need you, i show you, why can't you see?
i'm so proud when we walk, because i have the most beautiful woman in the world on my arm.
but your too concern about the other women passing us by, thinking once i speak, i'll win
them with my charm.
so many months have gone by and now i feel i'm at the end of my road.
i really want this to work so now i'm taking control.
we are home alone i carry you, and place you on my bed.
i blind fold you, and strip you naked, " don't talk" is what i said.
i start from the top of your head, and make my way down to your lips.
while softly saying " Sh#t, Why Must It Come To This."
as i use my tongue as the most deadliest of weapons working my way down past your neck.
your legs are shaking, your knee's are shivering, " Oh Now Your Listening To Every Word
I've Said."
your telling me your so scared, and that your sorry for what you've done.
while my lips circle your clitoris and you say " Please Don't Stop, I'm About To Cum."
i must say, that i'm amazed, for the first time in months i have your undivided attention.
as i flip you around, your on top of me now, as i use my tongue once again as a weapon.
i say to you, " baby i do this because i love you" eventhough you don't think my love is true
you've never thought a man would take his time, and explore you the way i do.
i flip you back around, and now i'm back between your thighs, stop shaking ma i ain't through.
your orgasmic treats, taste so sweet, i believe i've tasted number two.
now three, now four, you scream " Baby I Can't Take No More."
now five, now six, you scream " Baby Your The Shit."
" so you like it when i take control, and explore places only i can go."
you finally understand that only a man who loves you, will taste you nice and slow.
you see baby i can do this and more, i have so much in store. must i put you in different
positions, until i make you listen.
you realize life is too short, and now all of you is what i'll have..
after you catch your breath there is a question that you must ask.
" Why Did It Take You Months To Explore Me, To Taste Me. When You Know Deep Down
Inside, From Not Being Satisfied, I've Been Sad?"
" Because I wanted To Know You, Explore Your Mind, Your Soul, Your Heart, And Your Body
Was Last Of The Plan."
but you left me no choice. i know a woman wants her man to take total control, even when
she doesn't know what she wants her self, therefore i was on a mission....
but conscioulsy i see, that i had to " PUT YOU IN DIFFERENT POSITONS JUST TO MAKE
your lips are mines now. not just the ones on your face, but the one's between your hips...
Are You Listening??? You Better Be!!!

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