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Jessica Holter


her hips pressed

against my ass


because he was watching

It’s like that?

It could be.

but what she

really wants to do

is fuck a man in the ass

Like that?


She’s never done it before. I lied, not knowing it yet.

Forty-five minutes and a bridge ride later

my phone rang...

"Booty Call,

Booty Call,

Booty Call!"

I wondered if I could download that ring

and set it for the men

who phone disrespectfully

after 10 O’clock pm

It was 2:15 in the morning

"Is it cool?

I’m on my way to your pad."

I looked at my woman

as if to ask permission

She returned a sly glance as if to say,

"Bring it on!"

Five minute inside

he was just parking

but she was already

showered and strapped

I had seen her that way many times

her plump ass squeezed between 3 black leather straps

holding in place a 9 inch dick

I had hand picked from Good Vibrations

to match the John Henry hunk of the man

I used to call my husband

It was large, slightly flexible, jet black

and bulged with human vein-like texture

I had a special relationship to this dick

It was mine

and I was particular about it.

to me, it was as real as any dick,

as in relationships

it would only stray if I got careless and lost it

or as in tonight, chose to give it away.

It was huge next her small body

but trust,

she wore it and used it like she had grown it

She was soft butch, bisexual by admission

and beautiful by even Hollywood standards

If she were an ice cream she’d be a Creole _Mocha Blend

A tiny package, she was, full of surprises

Hairs on her chin

Egotistical and a Taurus

even her cum smelled like a man’s

Yet her breasts were nearly as large as mine

and I was busting provocatively out of a double D

I’d lie if I said living this life

didn’t bring thoughts of

Jerry Springer to my mind from time to time

I giggled like the child I felt like


Nowhere to hide

She made a cup of coffee.

sipped it wearing nothing

but the dick and strap

I blushed.

abandoned her to the shower

doorbell rings

I scrubbed and tried to wash off the vodka

so I could know that this was really happening

Now let me get this straight...

rinsing my cigarette breath again

spitting water

My former lover

Is coming over

to let my lesbian lover

fuck him in the ass

I shook my head a couple times

but the thought was still there

My heart would not stop racing

it wasn’t sexual excitement

I was pretty sure of that

It felt more like the nerves that flutter about your stomach

when you know you have done wrong and your momma has found out

but you haven’t made it home yet

and your sister is running toward you


ooooh, you gonna get it!

Accepting he inevitable

you can only hope she falls.

I had known him for as long as I had known my own sexual being

I was a virgin when we met

He introduced me to the freak in me

and has kept her skills on point for nearly 20 years

but never this way


My momma told me he was gay!

I was thinking this, when he stepped into the shower

He washed my body

kissed me everywhere

just like he used to

and did that thing he does with his thumbs

massaging my inner thighs down to the bone

gently stretching my pussy with circular motions

until I had the urge to press down

and give birth to another level of

our homie-lover-friendship

I was melting in the heat

I cooled the water down

Kissed the softest lips I have ever known

and said goodbye to love making as I had known it with him

My momma

and the women of her generation

would have stopped us dead in our tracks

because there are some things you just don’t hang out to dry

What was going down tonight

was definitely going to leave some dirty laundry

She made it easy to get started

She didn’t believe in awkward moments

He stepped out of the shower

She pushed me into him

He held me tight

lit a joint, passed it around

The kissing commenced quickly

I couldn’t suck her pussy with the strap on

and her legs so tight, like they always are for me

so I sucked her dick

then his

He ate my pussy

then tongue kissed her ass

She ate my pussy then tongue kissed him

then put her tongue to his rim

for a very long time

he wanted to enter her

she wasn’t having it

I stepped out of the room to grab two rubbers

while they decided who’s on top

and what’s on second

I don’t know,

thirst base came so quickly

I didn’t have time to think

I sat back and took a lesson in testosterone

waiting just a few moments to see if

he would give the ass up right away

A few more of her famous tongue lashings

inside and outside of his ass hole

she was going to be in there

I couldn’t bare to watch him go out like that

I wanted to know, but I couldn’t watch

So I did what any woman

in denial about the sexual preference

of a man she’s loved since childhood would do...

I slipped my body under his

shoving hips into his

I spread my legs

Spread them wide

opened my pussy up in the candle light

Wet my finger

slapped my clit

pushed two fingers in an out of my self

testing the waters with my own tongue


attmpted to flood the room

with the intoxicating pheromones

of my good pussy

but all I could smell was ass

as she dug into him

with such agression,

her force urged him deepr inside of me.

Part of me hoped for a fast win in this

war between tops and bottoms

for the sake my health

Cuz this was 2004

and I had been fucking a man who

desired a dick in his ass

for nearly half of my life

The other parts of me were

extremely turned on

extremely jealous

and angry

over how I had been a sexual fool

seeing all the signs, heeding no warning

What was more, I hadn’t even been giving him,

what he was really looking for

My body grew hotter

as he kissed me and briefly remembered me

calling my name

I drew my pussy like an M16

and fired into the dark

He spread my thighs wider

Fucked me with his tongue

Sucking my fat pussy lips

on the up stroke

a couple feet away could hear her tongue

lathering up his ass

His hips began to roll

Pow she slapped it with a magical sting

and raised the ass high into the air

with the power possessed in her fingertips

My man was now my woman’s bitch

And the 9 inch dick I had picked

from a little Berkeley sex boutique,

that reminded me of my husband,

and gave to my lesbian lover

to fuck me with,

was in my soulmate’s ass

deeply, in his ass


he pronounced

candy in my ears

She withdrew

He caught his breath

Then whispered

"Tell her to put it back in."

My pussy got numb.

He continued to fuck me,

I think.

Mostly, she fucked him

She fuck him,

and busted so many times

before they came together

Their unified moans and grunts

were like a song, a dirty rap song

I added some curse words and moans

of my own but my pussy was only wet

with her juices

as they shot on his ass and thighs

and drip down to tease me.

But he still wanted to enter her

in four years, I hadn’t even put a finger inside of her

she almost didn’t lay down for that

gave it the politial lesbian try

before her legs were spread so far apart

I didn’t recognize her or her porn star vocabulary

The pair weren’t fighting anymore

"Thank you, thank you, thank you"

he repeated emphatically

over and over as he dressed

He really meant that shit.

I had two G’s in my bed

giving me the kind of truth

you don’t even get in church

I had no reason to be mad

I set the whole thing up

I had asked for a pass to a game that was not for suckers

He wanted something that I wasn’t willing to give

and now that I know this

I can choose not to put myself at risk

I wasn’t mad anymore.

because I was no longer a fool,

just maybe a little grossed out.

I mean, accept for the fact that

the entire room smelled like ass

It might have even been cool.

But the thought of where his ass goes

on nights he can’t find a woman

so willing to engage in anal play

was a little bit scary

It was 4:15 he went home to his wife

I drank my girl’s cold coffee

Sat down at my computer and ordered

a new dick online

T Calloway, The Punany Poets
©2005 by Jessica Holter
All rights reserved.
Jessica Holter is Creative Director for A.F.A.C.T. Artists Fighting AIDS
Creatively through the ARTS and founder of The Punany Poets.  After a brief
career in entertainment hip-hop journalism, Holter created the controversial
performance collective in response to the untimely death of Eric Eazy E Wright
of AIDS. Her self Published titles include AKA Dead Man, Verbal Penetration
and Speak the Unspeakable.
Comments can be emailed to
includeghettogirlblue@yahoo.com Her website is
The War Between Tops and Bottoms
by Jessica Holter