Just Because I Like To Fuck
by Renee Childs

Just because I like to fuck,
Don't mean I `m some whore
Just because I like to suck some dick
Don't mean I will suck yours
Yes, I am sexual sensual woman
I like getting my freak on under the
I like getting my thang with one and
only one man
My man.
He's knows there more to me to see than
pussy, ass, thighs, and
I am a whole woman with a strong mind
and strong tender heart to
He knows I'm strong enough to stand
beside him when he needs me
Not just strong enough for sex squats
He know I'll have his chicken ready
when he comes home
And not some pussy ready to eat in his
He knows I can balance my own
And balance all his freaky passions
when he desires
I don't want him for just money, a
house, a car or eight inch
He knows everything in our kingdom is
ours to share
And everything that I am and
everything I have is his
I need to fuck
I need to suck some dick
And yes I'm so ready to ride my thang
all over a big juicy cock
Cum inside
My needs are more than sexual
My man knows this
He satisfies all my needs as his woman
And he loves waking up with me as his
woman every morning.
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Renee loves writing about the passion between a man and a woman. This is a way
she can express herself sexually. She loves to lose herself in poetry and short
stories. She is currently working on several book projects and hopes to be published
by the end of the year. She lives outside of Birmingham, Alabama.
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©2006 by Renee Childs
All rights reserved