by Shy

When I walked in this room,
all I could see was shadows.
I couldn’t imagine what will
take place, but in an matter
of minutes I  will be in the
bare minimum.
I will be sexually pleasing, to men
of all creeds.
They will watch with lust
in their eyes.
I know they will be thinking
the most inappropriate thoughts.
When I reach my destination,
I will sway my hips repeatedly.
I will see the excitement.
in this dark room.
When I proceed to touch
my inner needs.
My heart races out of control.
I can hear the lions roar.
I think I’m getting the hang
of self pleasing.
When I swing on this steel pole,
I can feel the heat.
It feels like I’m on a Tropical Beach.
I am dripping wet from all the attention.
When this night ends my desires have been
filled.  This is my first time as a Lady Stripper.
About Shy:
Shawnita Chevis A.K.A Shy was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  She
attended Detroit Public Schools and Pasadena City College in California.  At
a very young age she began expressing her thoughts through poetry. She had
written two books Poetry Of Life and Daisy The Frog's First words for young
children.  So far her work has been featured in the National Library Of Poetry,
Sparrograss Poetry Forum, and the Gullah Sentinel of South Carolina.
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