Seduction's Last Dance
By Joseph T Smith

i imagined you were naked
with pearls of silver and blue

naked you lied there silently
exposed to my probing melancholy

i exposed your delicate petite body
with its ripples like curling waves
from an endless sea of devotion

i touched your areola
with my elegant tongue

i wished to taste
the sweetness of experienced fruit

i descended deeper
into your sex like Henry
penetrated June's Tropic of Cancer

i massaged your ageless body
like an ideal woman can

there i was
staring into your private world

an endangered world where
few can see your holy secret

i glimpsed at the faultline
of your clitoris
which i learned from a skin diagram

your clitoris was soft
waiting for my hesistant entrance

i plunged my sensitive two fingers
into the black hole of heaven's door

you were desperate for this craving
screaming inside
was your beautiful sex

this was dangerous property for me
as it was my first time

instead of the primal climax
you received nothing for my admission

i must further confess
as i was embarrassed by my discovery

when i touched your interior wall
i felt like i was inside
an alien body

that's when my fingers retreated
that's when you started to cry

you longed for virgin sex
with me

to be kissed like a girl

to be guided by my innocent hands

to be seduced like a spoiled whore
that was your fantasy

but i was an underdeveloped virgin

so you received
a lil erotic stimulation

you did not come
till the vibrator hit the free zone

after i departed with a weak smile
and said ...

don't worry baby
i just need more confidence

it's a shame i could not
fuck her properly

instead of retreating without a kiss
the music within
my fractured heart died
with that last word
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Joseph is a creative writer. He has been composing poetry for over a decade n a half. Recently, he started to
expand on his technique into erotic literature. He has always been a sensual, romantic, cerebral thinker. He is
modest concerning his gift to write. He tries not to develop an ego over such matters.

Joseph is quoted in saying "I hope you enjoy my selections of words. May it bring you a sense of wonder,
innocence, and enlightened thought. This is my poetic life. These are my children".
©2006 by Joseph T Smith
All rights reserved.