Legolas  (An erotic Lord of The Rings Fantasy)

                    By Ramona Thompson

Lusty legendary hero he is
Eagerly parting my legs tonight with a tongue of silver and magic touch
beyond any compare
Groaning heartly I watch while his long blond hair trembles over my
stomach and his lips devour with love
                                 all I have way down below
Over and over again he brings me so close to the blink that I fear I will
die if he does not soon send me
                                  flying over the edge of sexual bliss
Lost in his embrace I moan and arch my back
Aroused beyond belief by this man whom I still can't quite believe exists
anywhere but in a dream world
Suddenly on the very cliff of orgasm's sweet relief I awaken

All alone and naked
Amoug the tangled sweaty sheets of my once more lonely bed
And I wonder
As the sun comes up to chase away the amazing affair of the night
Was it all just a dream or was he something more?
Was my phantom lover real or all just some lust crazed fiction in my

I may never know
Yet still a smile of lazy contentment lights up my face
For real or not
Last night I will always hold dear
As the memory of the night......

The night I had the best sex of my life!
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