Let Me Close My Eyes
By Sarah L. Conley

Let me close my eyes
and recite the passionate cries
my heart sings as your soul arise.

Let me touch you
with verses that imbue
sensations that  subdue

your spirit and heart,
and touches that weak sensitive part,
and even the most complex body part.

As my words become bolder,
praise me by coming closer.
Be as gentle as a butterfly kiss on the shoulder

but as diligent as a warrior.
Shower me with misbehavior
and treat me like French contour.

I know you are getting excited,
let it out but keep it private.
Haters love drama and will obliterate

anything hot that does not include them.
What they portray as trash could truly be a gem,
so lets keep the details of us slim.

Love me as I close my eyes
and let out passionate cries
until creamy lava showers my thighs.

You will know if I enjoyed the plunge,
For, I will be speaking in tongue
and grabbing you like I am sprung.

And as I lay feeling like a sultry summer,
I will make a naughty note to remember
to use your tie and thank you later!
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Sarah L. Conley:
Sarah L. Conley also known as The Rambling Poet and currently resides in
Montgomery, Alabama where she is a Nursing Assistant and studying for her
bachelors in Health Care Management. Sarah has a passion for writing poetry
and spoken word and is working on getting her writings published. If you like to
read more of her writings and short stories feel free to email her at

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