About Lady Clarissa:
Lady Clarissa is a librarian by day, writer of erotica by night. She lives in the
Southwest of England
Let Us Play
by Lady Clarissa

When can I see you again please?
It's been months and I'm feeling the need
Where can I meet you in private?
If I follow, will you take the lead?

When can I give you a blowjob?
Where will a love bite not show?
And if we snuck out for a midday tryst
Would anyone see, would they know?

Does the Holiday Inn light your candle?
Or the Travel Lodge just worth a try?
Or is illicit room sex just a no no?
Just a nod and a wink and a sigh?

When can we play doctors and nurses?
I've bought a white coat, did I say?
And some rubber gloves and a speculum
Hurrah for good old eBay!

Or let us play Playboy and Mayfair
And I'll be your own centre spread
I'll lie with my legs akimbo
Spread wide on a large King size bed

And you can zoom in with your extendable lens
And your extendable cock, you big boy!
I'll be the bimbo, you'll be the pimp
And we'll make porn for the sad hoi polloi.
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