A Love Making Poem
Joel R. Marshall ©

Had me do things I’d never do.
Run naked in the rain,
hold your head in my hands.
Kiss your lips with my heart.

Stroke the spot that tingles up your spine.
Smell your presence from a far away
Touch the nape of your neck.
Arch your back for me.

Moan soothingly in my ear.
Take me deep inside of you.
Let me swim within your soul.
Move myself to beat of your breath.

Post tapping against the wall.
Whispers of love fill the room.
Bathe in each other’s lust.
Our desire intensifies,
fogging the open windows.

Tapping becomes pounding,
our wind becomes heavy.

Grab onto me wherever you want,
tell me your every secret.
Tell me you need me, tell me you love me.
Keep saying it.
That’s it, move it like that.

Almost there, just a little more.
Squeeze yourself tightly around my passion.
Move this way some more, Oooooo!
Tell me you love me again, because I love

You feel so good.

Look at me.

I want to see your beautiful face
when you release.
Love me the way I love you.
I want you to come for me
because I will come for you, too.
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©2005 by Joel R. Marshall
All rights reserved.
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