Lover's Story
by DirtyMartini

They were two lovers who were destined to meet,
With a passion so hot you could feel the heat,
Lovers with feelings so hot and so strong,
They could not be contained for very long,
Feeling more from the groin than from the heart,
Nothing on Earth could keep them apart,
Taking their passions incredibly higher,
They burned out of control like wildfire,
She was playful like a little child,
But under the sheets she was wild,
Him, she thought, was fucking great,
No other lover could hope to rate,
On a regular basis these two would meet,
Taking great pains to keep it discreet,
Once they entered that downtown hotel,
It was like Pavlov's dogs at the sound of the bell,
In what was more of a grope than a loving embrace,
Lips were soon locked as they stood face to face,
While pulling at their clothes until they were torn,
They were soon naked as the day they were born,
Once they were free of shirts and pants,
They began their famous lover's dance,
As they hit the bed they began to ball,
Like two animals hearing nature's call,
As their heated bodies started to mesh,
Soon naked flesh pounded naked flesh,
Grabbing her arms firmly in his grasp,
He worked her so hard she began to gasp,
Grunts and moans were all that was heard,
As neither of the two could utter a word,
Lovers who soared so very high,
They wrote their names upon the sky,
Lovers who heeded the call of the night,
Making hot love with all of their might,
In a blazing moment of sweat and glory,
It was another chapter in a lover's story.
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About DirtyMartini:
DirtyMartini is the author of over one hundred erotic stories, plays and poems.  
He currently resides in New Jersey.  He can be reached, by e-mail at:
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