Luscious Lesbian Kisses
by Vanessa Rose Julian

Luscious Lesbian kisses
raining down on you
from Angelina Jolie-like lips
causing sexy sweet sensations
of endless erotic ecstasy

Take me in your arms
and I'll pour myself over you
like melted creamy caramel
until you're all sticky and wet

Soft silky tender hands
tracing the curves of my body
bringing forth
soft contented sighs of pleasure

Bare skin against bare skin
natural long fingernails
raked across your back
a pool of hot molten liquid desire
between my velvety legs

Let me drink your liquid love
until I'm completely satisfied
let me take you places
you've only fantasized of

Taste the sweet juices
of my forbidden fruit
drink from my flowing fountain
take everything I have to offer
and I'll leave you wanting more
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About Vanessa Rose Julian:
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Vanessa Rose Julian lives in south-central Texas with her partner of nine years
where they were both raised. Her
passions include singing and writing poetry of all types. She is very proud to have
her first romance novel published
in March of 2009. She hopes it is the first of many to come. Feel free to read more
about her and her poetry at