by Will Schmitz

At this med students' party up Nuuanu
The bathroom is crammed
With a couple of boys trying out
Feminine garb, deftly assisted
By a nurse whose eyes say
She likes to see men down.  Lipstick: purple.
Big-looped earrings.  Now, into the skirt,
Eye makeup later.  Check the mirror.
In the bedroom, a newly jilted nursie
Is taking on all comers.  If you can
Stand her hate rap and her screaming obscenities,
You can have her.  Listening to andro rock, Al is
Explaining the sorts of voyeur thrills he gets
Working weekends at the state mental hospital--
How easy it is to steal their thorazine,
Qualude and codeine--here, you want some?
We must keep on working, after all, for the
Greatest possible happiness
Of the highest few.

Pierrot's Ennui

I have become lost in the town--
I pinch the ass of the sleeper beside me.
She squawks, threatens and turns away...
Good.  My heart does not
Remember whether it was tamed or trampled--
The greedy old thing is very wrinkled:
To flatten it out for a sharp answer
Is too much problem.  Am I sentimental
Over the seasons it has forgotten--
I'm a fool if I have to be, only a coward
If I don't want to dive after them.
This town is lost.  Can I arrange myself out of here by noon?
Run my hand over the back of this girl; feel the inside of
Her thigh.  Likely not; not from what I feel.  Is the world
Such a massive adventure, after all?
I wish I could remember if last night I was abusive;
How do I handle her when she wakes?  The wrinkles of my heart
Are beginning to grin.  I don't think I'll have to be tepid
This morning
Or apologize.
This town is sad next to this scenery,
But no one will write me a letter asking me out of here
To spend a summer fighting.  Why, I'm as gentle as a nun.
Wake up.
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About Will Schmitz:
Will Schmitz was educated at the University of Hawaii.  He was mentored
by Ray Bremser. Will co-translated Cocteau's Cape of Good Hope and
Opera with Mary-Susan Iosue.