Meeting In The Skins of Fantasy
by Martin Shah

laid bare the threads of a former orgasm
she indulged her lips in to the chocolate cream
showing the whiteness of her burning spasm
wishing her slow hands met the nipples and her

the light was low the curtains drawn halfway
her one piece lace was falling away
beneath the skin of fire a tickle emerged
passing her fingers on her bossom she laid her surge

covered in a green light
swirling in deep delight
her nerves racked as he come
the hair was all over his bum

as she entered the washroom to let a streak
her roommate was leaving in half wrapped eyes

hair wet and dripping; their eyes rolled and met
as if a chill in the spine said hi and soon the towel fell
between their legs

and she went down to get it only to smell
freshly washed and dripping pinkness

the thoughts of fantasy slipped as they held each
other for a moment

grappling fingers turning on the gush of adrenaline
tongues engaged in fiery watery exchanges

skins share an urgency of pleasuring
moans and surges grew beyond the background
on the floor just besides the two beds they entangle

ruminating each others girlie secret


they can cum no more

the night was bathe in one sensation
this type of love goes beyond just sharing the same
nightfall and toilet bowl.
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Martin is a Explorer of Tantric sexuality and the matrix of Faith, while enjoying sexual
pleasures on the plateau of matrimonial devotions.
©2006 by Martin Shah
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