Midnight Lovers
by Stephanie Bee

After midnight we swam together in murky rooms
Red wine and Strawberry Quik
We allowed ourselves to fall in love
In thick fogs we learned each other's bodies
Salsa dancing and long cab rides
His mouth on my neck,
Breathing into the idea that this might be the last time
At dawn we were vampires
I called in sick to work
Drew the curtains to block the light
The night had tangled us
Ripped the sheets from the bed
Bruised us in places we couldn't see
Eyes half shut we gulped at the scent of each other
The hours of the morning past like a melting icicle
Cold dew trickling through my tightly clenched fingers
By 3pm the sun had burned away everything
The room was warm
A sweet mist of lust and a lingering odor of mistakes
Under moist sheets we forced ourselves apart
I dressed hastily, pushed him towards the door
In the hallway his dark eyes studied me
We tried to remember how we knew each other
How we wanted to know each other
In the next instant he was gone
I propped myself against the doorway and examined my
naked body
In the place of bruises his scent remained.
About Stephanie Bee:
Stephanie has lived all over the United States and world, including London
and Australia. Trained as an investigative reporter, she is relatively new to
the erotic poetry world.

She currently resides in New York City with two fabulous roommates who
politely deal with her assortment of male suitors.

You can read more about the saga's of Stephanie love life (and other
adventures) at
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