by DJ King, based on the poem by Edgar Allan Poe

Once upon a midnight dreary, as I jerked off oh so fiercely,
Over a quaint and curious volume of perverted porn.
While I stroked, nearly cumming, suddenly I heard a drumming
As if someone was gently rapping, tapping at my apartment door.
"Tis some pesky neighbor," I muttered, "knocking at my front door -
"Only this, and nothing more."

In my state of hard erection, approaching the peak of pure
Thrilled me - filled me with a fantastic feeling never felt before.
Then the knock began repeating and my meat I stopped beating,
Because the sound was so distracting, reacting - I decided to
Getting up, I donned my robe and walked across the hard wood
And there I opened wide the door.

Into the room, there flew a raven, intruding on my hallowed haven.
The feathered fiend fluttered in, landing upon my upholstered chair.
Before my eyes, transformed a dominatrix, her torso clad in shiny
And on her legs, thigh high patent leather boots she did wear.
Before me stood this Mistress with jet black hair,
Obsidian eyes with piercing stare.

My hard cock I resumed strumming, to the point of almost cumming,
Ready to release a week's load of spunk I had held in store.
And for my sins of past omission, to her now I asked permission.
So I begged "Please, may I cum?", I did implore!
And from her lips came a word I could not ignore.
Quoth Mistress Raven, "Nevermore."

In frustration my swollen balls were aching and my body started
After hours of wanking, my well-choked cock was growing sore.
And even when I started crying, would not dissuade her from
Nor would she reprieve me, relieve me from the pain I bore.
Once more I begged, as I had never begged before.
Quoth Mistress Raven, "Nevermore."

And so the Mistress kept on teasing, with no intention of releasing.
With this word she cajoled me, controlled me to my very core.
And no matter how hard I pleaded, her command I always heeded.
She looked at me and with this final curse she swore,
"Your cock shall stay hard forevermore,
but as for cumming...Nevermore...Nevermore!"

©2006 by DJ King
All rights reserved.
DJ King specializes in writing comic and sado-masochistic erotica, including short stories, poetry
and kinky parodies written in the style of famous authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Franz Kafka
and Dr. Seuss.   

A collection of his works has been published in a book and is available through his website and
from under the title Things to Come by DJ King.

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