M J at Play
by joescogin

In this one the fire of pure lust
and passion are forever burning bright
leaving nothing hidden from my eyes that delight
in visions of our sex filled days and nights
under the brightest of lights
she lies beneath me as I implant
a hot hard roll of pink steel
watching her breasts quiver
when she moans, gasps and pants
shouting the obsenities of primal sex
calling, urging, begging me for more
what a beautiful little bedroom whore she can be
but just for me, well you too
her eyelashes begin to flutter downing my hands
to pinch her swollen nipples freeing
the release of her nectars lying in wait
for my tongue to slake but never quite sait
my ever 8 ever ready to partake
in all her treasures to which there is
no finite measure of the way
she enjoys oral, pussy and anal pressure
pushing back to my every thrust
eager to swallow my liquid rush
befrore climbing on top to
downward pound and ride me
to another round of orgasmic screams
and sounds pulling from me another white stream.
Hard, fast, deep,gentle, shallow then slow
she clamps her trimmed quaking nest
doing what she knows makes me feel best
after a few moments of rest
I put her to another test
around the world and back again
what we do is not a sin and if
you'd like to join in we'll both grin
and welcome you into our inequitous little den
where you'll always want to return
to practice everything you've learned
but if you think it's ever over
that's the time we three will begin, again
About Joescogin
Joescogin has been writing poetry and stories for several year. If anyone is
interested in reading or publisheing his work, feel free to contact him at
Joescogin also write fantasy stories on request,
please contact him at the above email address if you are interested.
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