by Matthew Parker

It was a hard night
So I woke up with morning wood
Stiffing, hoping she will
No fantasy or wet dreams I felt her real....
Deep as I explored her drowning like 2000 leagues under her sea
All that I wanted was her wanting me
No apologies for exploring like convulsive like impactful like impulsive like
explosive shakes that I create to make her quake like a 7.9999 on the rictor scale
and no i wont fail
my ears ache but but not from her screaming
Those powerful honey delicious thighs pounded down on my neck shoulder and
Damn things were harder than a pipe filled with lead
So instead I let her engulf me and I laid down my morning wood,
and she took my log into her
and she as built as ford was tough
but I was like my chevy made to last and i impaled her
And as much as I can try to fight
Her prowess and frame was this superman's kryptonite
So gave in all that I could, she smiles all she should,
at the guaranteed of my morning wood...
Or each nights delight or every afternoon treat
Damn she's a freak
And before she could protest, I put it all on repeat
You See she has my soldiers always at attention and never have I felt defeat
Just honor for my duty
And oh yes! when she do me
I will sing the star spangled banner
As my raised flag pole plants in her
Juicy soil
Riding her highness so hard she rocked my throne and I gave her stone
And dammit it was so gud we both had moaned
Talk about another zone
If there ain't another I would make her clone
Yesssss! She hiss
Her mark I hit
Her backside wud shift
And I felt lit
Cuz I felt it
Louder than the rooster
Looser than tide coming downstream
And the reason why birds are chirping in the morning
So I did what I felt and she took what she could
And we both enjoyed this morning wood
About Matthew Parker:
Matthew Parker is a Writer/Poet/Organizer born and raised in the historic South
End of Boston, Massachusetts. From an early age Matt has always been
proactive in his community through youth organizing and community service
projects. From his early experiences of violence and trauma, he has sought
refuge in the arts.  From free hand sketches to various forms of prose and
poetry Matt has tried to use whatever tools available to shy away from his
tumultuous environment. Learning of his passion for people and gift with the pen,
Matt uses poetry as a coping strategy for youth having issues in life. Today, Matt
works in the forefront of the youth development field training students to be the
next youth workers in communities, colleges, and universities.

In 2010, Matt released his first published book of poetry, “of life & love- My
Journey” (
available here) Matt is founder and member of the poetry/literacy
group Urban Poet Societyand is currently working working on a national poetry
mixtape project titled, "S.O.U.P."
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