"My Ladylove"
by Ken Scott©

My ladylove, my faithful buxom wife,
you bless me with the beauty of your life,
and all day long my tower deeply rests
between the countless gallons of your breasts.
My ladylove, your udders' burning need
to have my thrusting pillar deeply feed
their cleavage with my flowing ecstasy
all day and night fulfills me blissfully.
My ladylove, your massive bosom's size
entices me when hanging to your thighs
while you stand savoring my virile thrust
within the cleavage of your awesome bust.
My ladylove, you are my blissful hills
whose undulating breast-embrace fulfills
my longings for a lady who employs
her massive udder-bosom for her joys.
Your squeezing udders drinking all the cream
from my erection only makes you dream
of more of me within the cleavage of
your massive breasts, my lifelong ladylove!

"Accident on Aisle Seven"
by Ken Scott

It was purely accidental when she stumbled and fell
upon me,
until I saw how my lap was joyfully trapped under
the thirty gallons of her massive bosom,
two titanic chocolate mountains slowly swimming back
and forth
like ocean waves in heat, causing my tower to swiftly
We both lay there laughing, complete strangers
on a deserted aisle seven, bras hanging overhead.
Her laughter swiftly became her licking her thick
chocolate lips
when she felt my stiff pillar in my pants,
buried underneath her thirty undulating gallons of
yearning to burst from her blouse and engulf my virility.
I knew she wanted me
between her udders of ecstasy,
rubbing her nipples like erect clits on her tits as she
slowly reached down with her hands and secretly undid
three blouse buttons and my fly, smiling with mischief
delicious elation at the sensation of my thick stick
taking up residence deep inside her warm, undulating
And we just lay there on aisle seven, complete
with no one suspecting anything suspicious,
and everyone merely assuming that this big Black
needed some time to catch her breath. So they
left us alone. And we just smiled into each other's eyes
as her thirty orgasmic gallons of undulating
udder-bosom and deep cleavage
insatiably drank one quiet ejaculation after another
after another,
without losing a single drop. When we finally stopped,
and I helped her to her feet, everyone was still clueless
as to the freaky ecstasy that had transpired
on aisle seven, beneath that bra display.
But later on that day, we were at it again,
her thirty-gallon breasts and my strong tower now the
best of friends
on the floor of her den, then my dining-room table,
my meaty pillar the main course for her devouring
all day and night. That accident on aisle seven
was oh-so-right!
About Ken Scott:

Ken Scott has been writing since 1982, beginning within his High School years.  In addition to his
writing career, he holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, plays and composes for piano,
works with MIDI-compatible musical equipment, and works with computer-graphics art.

Several of Mr. Scott’s works have already appeared in print.  

The poem “Uninhibited Earth-Mother” was published in the full-figured, large person’s magazine
“Dimensions” (April/May 1996), the poem “Mountains of Love” was published in the adults-only big-
breast magazine “D-Cup” (August 1997), the poem “Embryo Escapes Net-Profit” was published in
the anthology “Saturday Afternoon Journal” (1998, No.13, “Flashback”), and the poem “Son of
GOD, Son of Man” was published in the anthology “ONYX SPOKEN WORD: A Celebration of the L.
A. Scene” (1999).  Numerous other poems and graphics falling into the genre of "big-breast erotica"
can be found in Mr. Scott's personal and experimental arts website, "My Gallery of Erotic Massive-
Breasted Ladies"
http://www.geocities.com/kenscott123.geo/index.htm  Mr. Scott currently lives and
works in Los Angeles, California.
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