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My Man

I can feel him against my skin
Taking the passion I have with-in
Touching me here... touching me there
Fingers caressing the curls in my hair

Giving me pleasure as only he can
My body on fire from the touch of this man
He knows me so well I cry for his love
He takes me with him to the heavens above

His tongue traces the tips of my breast
Down...down..then he takes the rest
I cry out while screaming his name
Pleasures so hot I feel the flame

Then tiny nibbles turn into a kiss
God help me I want all of this
I need him inside to give me his pleasure
For all I give him is a golden treasure

I give everything and take what I can
Oh lord help me for I love this man
And I know once more he'll walk out the door
My mind will scream out....I won't be your whore.         
EyesSoBlue is from a small town in WV and have been writing poetry for quite a few
years.  He writes mostly love and lost love poetry.   He also writes short story poetry
about incidents that have happened in his past.  Most of his poetry is from a true
happining in his life.   

Please  visit  
www.thestarlitecafe.com/poets/EyesSoBlue to see more of his poetry.   
Contact him at
darkhairedboy@yahoo.com for comments about his poetry.
©2006 by EyesSoBlue
All rights reserved.