My Slave
by Erotica Writings©

You’re my personal slave,
You know the punishment if you disobey.
I take pleasure in strapping your ass,
I long to see the blind fold across your eyes.
you gasp when I straddle you with my firm thighs,
I love hearing you beg "Please Mistress."
You have almost granted my every sexual wish,
I become wet seeing you tied in my leather cuffs.
I sit so you can pleasure me with your tongue,
I command you to give me pleasure.
You lick me slowly wanting to feel my leather,
Pleasuring me you beg to come.
I make you wait as i lick you some,
I sit on top of you taking just a little.
Your hardness makes my lust sizzle,
I feel the explosion building in us.
I grant your wish and receive your rush,
You thank me for my favor.
These erotic moments you shall savor .
Is this passion or sin?
Because you make me so hot,
my thong has a wet spot.
Is this passion or sin,
I have it under my skin.
Your kisses I want to taste,
not a moment do I want to waste.
Is this passion or sin,
In this game no one wins.
To have you deep inside of me,
I am addicted to you I believe.
Come fill my passion cup,
Let me sip your lust up.
as you take me from behind,
These feelings are one of a kind.
Is this passion or sin,
In this game no one wins.
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