My Sweet Addiction
Dean Jéan-Pierre

Shallow gasp of breaths announces your arousal

The temperature in the room is almost unbearable

Your body writhes in the agony of pleasure as if giving birth to the sun

Drops of warm honey nectar dew flow steadily from your throbbing pussy

It is an amazing sight to bear witness to passion giving birth

I am in awe that one person can give another such intense pleasure

Fever of desire breathes hot from your skin

Your breasts sigh upwards as if praying to God for salvation

You are consumed by a passion that has no name

The only name you moan is mine over and over again until you come

It is a feeling that will haunt you because it is not easily recaptured

Something so deeply arousing that it shakes the fountain of your soul

You can live your whole life and never again know such intense passion

Everything you are feeling right now is fully exposed to me

I know how to touch your body to elicit your moans and groans of pleasure

I tenderly stroke your cheek and the heat emanating from your body

Arouses me in a way I have never felt before

Tiny beads of sweat form on your breasts

My tongue stands erect and ready for your sweetest nectar

My lips are thirsty to drink your natural water

I wait for it to trickle down your chest,

Gaining momentum down the slope of your stomach

Coming to rest momentarily in the valley of your navel

The lips of your thirsty wings spread open knowing what’s coming

They are just as hungry as mine to be fed

The last bead of sweat trickles between your plump full lips

Each lip will be licked and tongue kissed until my mouth is tired

Or until you beg me to stop making you come

Whatever pleasure you desire is yours to have

I am here to please you because you are my sweet addiction.
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Sweet Addiction is an excerpt from my upcoming erotica short story collection, "The
Pussy Whispers" which is now available on my website
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