Naughty Thoughts
by Alan K from Scotland

In my bed now thinking of you,
Of your sexy body and what I'd want to do,
I'd lick your pussy then taste your come,
Then enjoy you sucking me as you hold
my bum,
I suck your nipples then put you on all
Then pound you 'till your moaning made
you hoarse,
We'd lay together when we're certain
we're done,
Then I'd kiss you, hold you, tell you that
you are my one....


Sixty nine is a favourite of mine,
lick each other till we come,
Then there's doggy style,
which I like for a while,
Pound you hard as I feel your bum,
Get me hard again you can jump on top,
I'll rub your clit as you thrust your hips,
Then jump off when you're nearly done,
I'll drink your come then lick my lips,
Spoon now baby,
I'm almost there but my energy's getting
It feels so good as we take our time now,
make love nice and slow

Want you

Love you, need you want you, sitting
naked on my bed,
Feel my tongue inside you moan my
name as I give you head,
Lay back on my pillow, stroke my cock
and make it hard,
Think of all the wet dreams your naked
lover has now starred,
Lay me back and suck me wrap your lips
around my balls,
Straddle my face I'll lick your pussy, suck
that clit till orgasm calls,
Get down on all fours I'll slip deep inside
as I grip your ass,
Then tell you that you’re sexy, slowing
down to make that orgasm last…..
©2006 by Alan K from Scotland
All rights reserved.
Alan is a 30 year old Scotsman currently living in Essex. Most of his poetry
is inspired by love and the things that make us smile, all written for the
fantastic smile he got for whom they were written.  These 3 were written
for a most beautiful woman who put warmth in his heart, love in his life and
Never failed to satisfy him every time they were together. Sadly their relationship
ended due to his future but he'll always have his memories and his poetry
to remind him how wonderful she is.  "All for my Angel. xXx"  ---Alan
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