Night Tides
by Kenneth Watkins

Blueish ripple waves
Rush between our bodies
As water bubbles
Pop between our feet

Her off white tank top
Now sandy in color
Reveals her ample breasts
For all to see

My hands rub
Her breasts as if
I've had them all my life

Her sandy blond hair
Reflects the moonlight
Like a beacon in the night

My tender fingers
Trace her body
Outline in the sand
To remember our passionate night

She lays motionless
As my tongue
Tastes every inch of her
looking for the perfect spot
To call home

Tides roll upon
Our bodies like
A fierce thunderstorm
But we pay no attention

Her lips taste like
A drink I've never tasted
Sultry but sweet
I smile as I taste more

Her radiant eyes
Give me the nod
To do more
So I do

Sensing this could end soon
I remover her top
Carefully making her breasts
My home away from home

As I look up
I now realize
All I'm doing is dreaming
And holding my pillow
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