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Bare Back Magazine
Nicole Lowman
Sweaty sleep,

all the girls

you’ve fucked

(or want to)

harass me

while i sleep.

Their full

round tits

bouncing in

your greedy


Clean shaven


you bury

your face,

nose deep,



While grabbing

tightly their

platinum hair,



up and down

along your

raging cock.

Their spit


with your


They slurp

it all down.

The one handcuffed

to your futon.

The dirty panties

in your car.

You must imagine


when you fuck me.
Sweaty Sleep
by Nicole Lowman
©2005 by Nicole Lowman
All rights reserved.
Nicole is co-editor of Letter X magazine. Check it out at Her work can be seen in, "When it rains from the
ground up," "Uncapped," The Seattle Writergrrls Zine, and Humdinger
E-zine. She lives in Seattle where she enjoys nice, tall pints of Pabst
Blue Ribbon. Nicole's email address is