Ode to Television
by Selome de Carr

I. That woman

He pulled her hair
slipped his fingers
between my legs,
it was a long skirt
for him to reach

Ungh! she breathed—
and he excited me, too.
'You will do as I say'
he said. 'I will do
whatever you want'

I replied. She came
behind him, upon
returning to the dinner
table. We could've

done it right there
in the powder
room. If someone
happened to see
them, Mr. Draper

was just helping
me with my hose
and garters.

II. On television

‘Mad Men’ was on -
it's Channel 47 in my neck of extended cable -
I looked occasionally at the television screen
my fingers primed for online chatting
my laptop still missing the 'I' key.

On the second or third glance:
a silver rimmed 3D-screen TV
a slender redhead
cropped waves framing her face
the dark-haired man grabbing her hair.

A fancy French restaurant of equal fancy
when women were either housewives or secretaries
but a dinner place I could never afford
in real life anyways.

Selome: I just saw something real good.
C--- is typing a message.
C---: What’s that?
Last message received on 8/--/08 at 11:08 PM

It felt good, the way he pulled my hair.
He pushed me against the powder room table.
I had turned around to face Mr. Draper
before making my demands. But only after
I finished looking in the mirror,

reapplying rose pink lipstick and rubbing
the color in. Twenty-five thousand dollars
was all I asked for. Because Sterling Cooper
threatened to fire Jimmy, it would be
a violation of my husband's contract.

I thought I'd take it up with the man
high in the company's rank and file.
And to settle on an offer I couldn't refuse,
just when Mr. Draper made me an L-shape with
the upward pressure of his fingers.

C--- is typing a message.
C---: Heh, yeah that does sound interesting.
Last message received on 8/--/08 at 11:21 PM
Selome: It makes me miss a lot of things.

III. Who likes getting it on

Get in between
my arms and my
legs. Lift me up
to high places:
atop hard, glistening

wood. Or close
enough to smell
how old the wall
paint is. I like how
sweat feels with

clothes on. I like
how fast time flies
in my head. Then,
repeats. The way
sex is so exciting.

Oh, God! Hugh!
Blinking flashes
of light and seeing
images of the
ascension of

Jesus, because
eight years of
religious schools
makes me guilty.
And I still feel

good about it.

IV. Is a woman I don't mind being

C--- is typing a message.
C---: You there?
Last message received on 8/--/08 at 12:08 AM
Selome: Yeah, babe. I’m here.

Selome is typing a message.
Selome: Sorry it took so long to answer before.
Last message received on 8/--/08 at 12:09 AM
About Selome de Carr:

Selome de Carr is located in Oakland, California. She occasionally writes poetry
and short story fiction while pursuing a career in teaching English Literature and
Composition. This is her third published poem.

Readers can visit her blog at selome@wordpress.com
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