by Richard Beck

I am there hidden in the closet
where I’ve always wanted to be,
Beyond the smoke of
confusion that bakes hope
No more searches, no more running, no more
dangerous kisses in the dark;
No more winter chills raking my spine,
I am just one;

No more fear of the intruder stepping in
and ripping me away,
The only thing I’ve ever known, the only thing I’ve ever

was to believe in a dream, no matter the distance -
It’s all that I’ve ever believed in -
Waiting; hoping; praying; that in the end it would
shine above all

That I would be seen as same
Like for like without the distance and
as one with those outside
the brick walls of my closet
About Richard Beck.

Richard Beck  was born in Mandeville, Jamaica in 1971, Richard Beck moved to
England in 1976 and then made his way to Toronto in 1977.  Richard graduated from
Simon Fraser University in Vancouver British Columbia in 1996.  He majored in English
and studied there for four years.  He has since been employed as a waiter, a singer in
a heavy metal band, a forklift operator, a professional hockey player,  and a
consultant at a pharmaceutical company.   He is currently working on his first full-
length novel entitled “ Planet of the Sun ” about a young man traveling across Canada
in search of God.  He received first and second place in consecutive years for his
poetry in the “National Library of Poetry” entitled “Whispers to Infinity” and
“Gargamelles Ghost”.   He has self published two books of short stories called "New
God Kill Machine" and "Pocket Book Brando".   He currently resides in Toronto and
has an email address ,, that allows readers to contact him
directly with any questions about his current or future work.
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