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On Marrying and Divorcing Venus    -
by Josh Crummer

I'd be lying if I said we were both two

virgins like a modern day John and Yoko

because we both had regrets inside

shared only with our eyes that

night. We were both naked under a

crumbling gargoyle bridge, swallowed

by its concrete maw devouring so much

darkness and cold, but just enough space

forced our bodies together; heavy breaths

and jackrabbit hearts kept us warm. A life

laid bare is at its most vulnerable; innocence

mixed with Void is the Earth

versus the entire universe. But we didn't make

love. Instead, we held each other's hands like

a Pagan handfasting ritual, smiled and admitted

that in this darkness, we couldn't see, but

on some metaphysical level we're married

to each other already. Or maybe we divorced

as we got dressed, parted ways, and my court

date summon disappeared in the mail. Or maybe

I'm alone tonight, trying to remember what it

was to hold you, nude and beautiful in my

hands, since God couldn't see under a stone

bridge, and no referee ever made a call

based on what might have been.
About: Josh Crummer
Josh Crummer is a poet from the Tri-City area of Michigan. His work has
appeared in online collections Bare Back Magazine and From the Dark Side
Anthology, and has appeared in print in SVSU campus magazine Cardinal Sins.
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