Orlando Bloom-One Woman's Erotic Fantasy Night
by  Ramona Thompson

Oh what sweet orgasm he gives with just one lust filled glance
"Ramona."   He softly calls to me in join him in his midnight pirate's bed
Lowering his zipper my lover presents me with a most erotic view of his 9 inch
Hardened and pulsing with desire for me
"All for you all night long."  He purrs.
Naughty thoughts flood my mind in a river of passion's heat as I feel his fingers
slip slowly, gently into me
"Don't stop." I moan like an animal caught in the most wicked kind of trap
Opening like a rose under the heavy storm of my lover's ejecting rain
Beneath the glow of a full silverly moon  I wrap my legs around him and pull him
into me ever deeper  and
Lustly calling his name as I dig bloodly wounds across his bare naked back
One more masterful thrust
One more tender loving stroke and.....

Oh my God!

Oh Orlando!

Baby, I swear I've never had it better.
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About Ramona Thompson:

Ramona Thompson has been writing for over 20 years.

Her past publishing credits include appearances in such high profile ezine as Justus
Roux Erotic Tales and The Sensual Venus website for women amoug many others.

Her most recent and upcoming published appearances include poetry in Erotic Tales 2,
Chaotic Dreams, Bareback Magazine, Night To Dawn and Twisted Tongue Magazine.

Ramona has also interviewed many up and coming talents including erotic author
Justus Roux, metal band Boiler, ex Power Ranger actor Matt Austin and many more.

In her spare time Ramona enjoys singing and watching horror films. Readers and fans
are always welcome to write to her with their comments at

"Fellow writers and human beings.....Feel free to add me. I am friendly and I don't
bite....very often. *wink* " -----Ramona      
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