Out of Body Experience
by  Taylor Sunset©

Yesterday, while getting dressed very early in the morning, a chill ran down my
spine all the way to my toes... then the thought of us laying together crossed my
mind, and the chills continued. See what you do to me???  The thought of me
being so close to seeing you is almost too much to bare. The goose bumps
return... all things to let me know that you ARE that somebody.

Yesterday we lay lazily together, giving each other our much needed closeness
and intimacy.  We laughed and talked like very old friends.  But i couldn't help
but to give you "that look" everytime our eyes connected.  You bring it out in
me.  You steal a little bit of heaven and give it to me everytime we are together.

Yesterday, while wrapped tightly around you in the most intimate of sexual
positions, i had an out of body experience. Tears came to my eyes as my
consciousness slipped between realms and my soul floated above me looking
down at the way you took over my body.  I trembled violently and reached for
something to grab, and ending up finding only the wall to brace myself on. The
feeling was more than i had ever experienced and with each push you pulled
wave after wave of a nirvanic force from deep with in me. You slowly conquered
me in the way only you can, telling me that we were meant for each other. Your
body language coincided with mine and we created another form of love making,
passionate, and giving.  There were no words to describe how you were driving
me absolutely nuts, and the only things that managed to escape my lips was

"Bj"...  You stamped your signature on my body and my heart a long time ago,
so i guess this was just your way of doing a little upkeep to make sure i
remembered who i belonged to.  My out of body experience reassured me that
there was no other who can do me like you. And if i need proof, i can always try
to finish digging the  paint chips from under my nails!!!  

p.s. sorry for scratching the hell outta your wall, think of it as a signature!

About Taylor Sunset:

Taylor is a poetess/model hailing from Chicago Illinois by way of Atlanta.  
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