Passionate Lovers
by Gray Ghost

The two of them seemed to escape from the family group.

Their hands touched and clinched one another, a lovers embrace.

Their grins and smiles, nodes and winks lead down the path that they took by
the babbling brook.  

They found a bedroom and locked the door.

Their passion ran deep as they started to explore.

Their clothes slipped off and was tossed about, and the hot touch of their flesh
drove them fast.

Their hot naked bodies touched and sizzled in the heat of passion like never

Their lips touched and drove them into a spin of wild passionate love.

Their hot bodies merged and love making began.

Their passion ran deep as they intertwined.

The feelings were moving very fast in time, and they knew it would not take
much time.

They doubled their efforts from time to time.

Their hot bods gyrated like crazy as they intertwined.

The kissing and hugging was hot and the best.

Their hot passion for each other went deep this time.

They climbed an orgasmic mountain with their bodies intertwined.

That orgasmic event hit them both in time.

Passion ran deep as they felt the release.

They were lost in that passion that was so hot.

The events of the time were powerful so, they just covered and dozed.

As lovers awoke they connected again and the passion was still there and drove
them wild again.

Their mad passionate love making went on for a while.

The moans and groans were happening too, oohs and the ahs were furious too.

Their bodies did gyrate and they did pursue that orgasmic feeling thru and thru.

They climbed that orgasmic mountain again this time, but they got much higher
than ever before.

Their passion ran much deeper than ever before.

Their bodies were slick with sweat, and love juices flowed out making them wet.

They slithered and slimmed to the top of the mount and their force exploded like
a volcano that burst out.

Their passion had driven them higher than before.

They crashed together and sighed like never before.

Their hot bodies held in sexual union to feel those hot feelings like never felt

They kissed and hugged to feel it again, but the feeling was fading fast toward
the end.

The tingle faded and memory too, they wanted that feeling to last an eternity

The past was over and the future was bright for more love making into the night.
About Gray Ghost: Gray is an older writer that has been bitten by the very erotic writing bug.
His creations are those driven by testosterone and the words seem to flow.
Gray's writing seem to improve the more he writes and the hotter he makes it for the readers.
He hopes the readers will have a very high quality of life, sex being a very erotic part.
And hope you will put your abilities toward a very high quality of life and not when you come to die,
discovering you never lived life to the fullest. Please send all your friends to this link and let them
enjoy this also.
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