Passions runs deep before we part
by Gray Ghost

The night was young and so were we.
We awoke to enjoy more pleasures of the flesh, and touched our hearts
and souls again.
our young bodies pushed the limits of sexual response to the limit one
more time.
Our hearts were filled with love and lust we did but enjoy our nightly
But those tender moments were more often giving and getting a bounty
of lust.
We gave each other our best and got it back time and time again.
Those very hot feelings went on thru the night and we awoke to morning
My lover and me were high on sex and we were bound to make the best.

The sunrise rose and we did to, but only for another fuck fest.
Our time to part was growing near and we would say our good byes here.

We fucked like crazy that last time thru our passions ran deep and
thru and thru.

Our dicks like steel with a passion for lust we never withdrew, until
we were thru.

Our spirts sored from orgasmic highs and we drowned in love and those
very passionate highs.

From sizzle to scorch and back again that orgasmic feeling we touched
many times.
We gave our best and got it back again.

Oh love oh love what will I do, without you. The feel of your bod and
smoothness of skin, your touch and clinch in the passion of hot times,
slips away from me now.
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