Penetration Restriction
By Roxanne Rhoads

Aching for gratification
Needing to be fulfilled
Legs restless, spread wide
Heartbeat erratic
Bordering the brink of insanity
Clit rigid
Labia engorged
Fingers plunging into slippery satin
but not too far, just a little
enough to inflame my desire
Stimulating my clit to exquisite orgasm
My pussy pulsates
Gushing ecstasy
Yet still longing for penetration

Love of Mirrors
By Roxanne Rhoads

I love mirrors
You can call me vain
but it is more voyeuristic
I love to watch
Strategically placed mirrors
allow me to watch from many angles
I love to watch my hot holes
be filled with massive erections
large cock buried deeply in my ass
while my pussy aches for more
I watch in the mirror
Sinking my fingers inside
and rubbing my clit
I watch him fuck me hard
as I watch myself come
Roxanne Rhoads is a freelance writer, erotica author and poet. She is a writer and editor at and a
columnist at Her work has appeared in Playgirl and on You can read more about
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