Perverted poem
by Hector P. Escalera

Don’t be scared,
it’s only a nine inch head.
It’s better in bed,
but the bed gives me sores.
So I rather do it on the floor,
and maybe,
up against the door.
But someone might come in,
then we’ll be in sin.
Don’t front,
you know I got you open girl.
And I would never try to bail,
cause bailing are for punks,
and I ain’t scared of no fat ass cunts.
I want to kiss you,
rub you,
suck you,
eat you,
fuck you,
I want to do everything with you.
And I hope you can do the same for me.
Cause I ain’t no tease,
so please,
believe what I say.
Cause I want today,
to be our day.

Standing Tall

As I lie down, calm and comfortable,
you walk in with eyes like a demon,
somethings on your mind,
but I can’t figure it out.
You kiss me and touch me, and tell me to stand,
but why must I stand, if we are only going to talk?
Thinking to myself,
Standing tall as can be, and no one here to play with me.
Why must you tease me, but not play with me?
You have me standing for my country,
but why, I am not proud of it.
So leave me alone, and let me lie down,
before I spit in your face, and call it a day.
©2006 by Hector P. Escalera
All rights reserved
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